Horse Saints Group of Todos Santos

 Horse Saints Group of Todos Santos


Homeless horses are being seen wandering the Todos Santos streets foraging for food and water. Traveling in a herd of four to six horses, they are struggling to survive during these harsh pandemic times, made worse by the high summer temperatures of this region.

A group has created a Facebook page in order to reach out and inform the community at large about their mission to help save these wonderful but starving ponies and horses. As it turns out, these horses do have owners, but they are often unable to provide them with a safe space around their property, ranch or corral. So, they let their horses free to roam within city limits, which has allowed them to sift through plastic garbage bags they rip open or find already shredded to pieces. This places them in that dangerous plight of getting hit by a vehicle or injuring the vehicle’s occupants.

Three months ago, the group located a baby foal that was tied to her mother in the sun. It had strangled to death. The founders of the Todos Santos Horse Saints group own and offer a safe pasture acre in Pescadero with water and food. They are asking all community members to let them know if you see a horse in need to send an email to

Their Facebook page states “Our intention is raising money to take two horses off the street in November and nurture and train them.” They are in the process of setting up a non-profit organization for accepting donations via PayPal. The funds will go towards food and care for the horses. A concerned Brenda Kulvietis said, “I’ll assume that you first get the owner’s permission to relocate their horses.”

The Horse Saints group also welcomes everyone to visit the one-acre site so they can see where their donations will go. They also plan to implement children’s programs and pony rides that will bring wellness therapy for children.

The Horse Saints center will be dedicated to helping horses live better lives in a healthy and welcoming environment.

Horse Saints founder and organizer, Danna Krajcik, is hoping any struggling horse owner will allow the group to adopt two of the most in-need-of-care horses, or they will focus on raising funds to make an offer and purchase the homeless horses from their struggling owners.

One of their first rescue horses has been nicknamed “Grey.”

“With the help of a few caring donors, Florence Serratore and Kate Paul, we are creating this small fund for Grey,” noted Danna Krajcik. “He will be in training for one month and in recovery for the next week.

“He’s doing great since he arrived with big chin cuts from a rusty old chain link bridle. He will need a vet, and worming shots, and a new mini corral built to house him.”

On Thursday, September 13, 2020, the group began raising funds for the water tank installation to start the flow of water to the horse trough.

“We are also building another shade structure atop the water tanks and adding sprinklers for the grass to stay green through November” added Danna.

Their dream and goal of saving and caring for homeless horses in need is definitely one worth supporting through donations.


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