Cruise Ship Winter Season Cancelled

 Cruise Ship Winter Season Cancelled

API, the Cabo San Lucas Marina management company announced that there will be no Cruise Ships docking here during the 2020-2021 season. API estimates that our resort destination has lost $20 million USD so far due to their absence. The expectation is that in February, the Cruise Lines will have a better idea of their return trip. We miss them!


  • Who is in charge of the fish conservation in the los Cabos area?If anyone has ever taken the time to talk with the local pangeros they will all tell you that there has been a progressive depletion of sport fish year after year.If this continues to happen without any regard to what is happening,Los Cabos will ultimately lose its attraction for sport fishing.Up in the states they pay a tremendous amount of attention to the health of their fisheries and it seems down here it’s all about today and no worries about tomorrow.

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