Where to Get a Covid-19 Test in Los Cabos?

 Where to Get a Covid-19 Test in Los Cabos?

NOTE: This article was published on October 2, 2020. It is outdated by now, it should not be used as a reliable source of current prices for testing. There are plenty of other options now with lower prices, and some of this same providers are now charging less. Some hotels and the airport also offer testing on-site.

Glad you asked. A short survey brought these results: The H+ Hospital charges 5,500 pesos, (aprox $275.00usd) it takes up to 48 hours for the results that are emailed to you. St Luke’s hospital  does testing Mon-Thur 8-11am. It takes three days to get the results, and they charge $1,800 USD. Yes $$ not pesos.  Hospital San Jose does a quick test for the antibodies, the results are in less than an hour. The cost is $44.99 USD. They also offer a PCR test, this test is $537.99 USD. You’re welcome!


  • how current are these costs? Is there any chance that these prices will come down under the current circumstance to keep people from cancelling their trips due to the high cost of a test which is what we are considering

    • Micromed Lab charges $325 and Laboratorios Helena charges $ 80

      • I’ve never heard of prices like that in Cabo. No one would travel here if that were the case! The prices above are not current. Most places are $50.00USD or lower.
        600 pesos or $30.00USD at the airport and you get your results within 45 minutes. Hospital H has been recommended to us by many.

  • Does Cabo understand that these are the most expensive PCR test in North America?

    • Of course they do

  • Any updates on locations and cost? These prices will make people have have second thoughts about coming to Cabo! It’s heart breaking what this is doing to tourist towns

  • We are booked to travel to Baja del Sur in February. If we are going to be extorted for $300 for COVID testing we will be canceling our trip! Florida is open!

  • Agreed! Not only is cost a concern, but with mandatory testing to exit, how feasible is it to obtain a test within the now 3-day window of departure? We are seriously considering cancelling vacation. Seems too much of a risk getting either stuck in Cabo or seeing prices jump even higher due to scarcity/demand.

  • Near San Jose Del Cabo I found Hospiten SJDC at about $110 for the rapid. IMSS SJDC was about $226 for either. With the rule changes on the 26th I am just working on being able to get back to the US around the 31st. Any other suggestions! Will be staying near the Hyatt Ziva on Paseo Malecon San Jose.

    • Good to know. We are staying at The Westin until the 31st. I sure don’t want to cancel but worried about being able to find a test site & not pay $300 for it.

    • I am looking up Hospiten SJDC and not finding it… Do you know about where it is located?
      Thank you.

    • I dont know what’s going on but I’ve changed my return flight to San Francisco from San Jose Baja to the 25th. the adjustment was free thanks to united

    • I got the antigen test at the airport yesterday. Terminal 2, on the left. Totally Done, with results in an hour. $25 USD.

      • This is big. How long was the wait to actually get the test, not just the wait for results? Was is nasal or oral swab?

      • Thank you for your comment. How long was the line? Did you happen to notice the hours and days they would be testing? Thank you again!!

  • Listed above to start this was Hospital San Jose for $44.99, where is that location and do you have contact info?

    • Where is Hospital San Jose please

  • I am coming to Cabo on Monday Jan 25th from vegas. But 1st Iam flying from vegas to San Diego and then taking a shuttle south to the Cross Border Express (CBX) in Otay Mesa San Diego right on border. Crossing the CBX skybridge right into the Tijuana Airport and flying domestically roundtrip from T.J to Cabo and back for $76.00 total. When I land back in the Tijuana airport I will walk from baggage claim area back thru the Cross border express. No test required. The edict from the CDC states that it only applies to International flights arriving in the U.S. Cross border Express confirmed there is no test required to enter by land for U.S Citizens and essential workers. All others must fly to U.S with negative test

    • I dont think border open bro, that was my original plan too

  • Can you bring your own Antigen test?
    Buy a box of 20 and sell to fellow americans. I have these at work for rapid testing and they work well. If they want a health care to supervise, could we bring our own to keep the cost down? $200 – $500 that is listed above will definitely keep people from traveling

    • Antigen tests not accepted.

  • The Tourism people are working to get the rapid test at the San Jose del Cabo airport. Results in an hour. $50.

    • Tourism people? Is there a source to track the to progress for this?

    • Does anyone know if a place that is a mouth swap or they don’t stick it up your nose? Haha thank you!

      • did you find anyplace in Cabo that does a mouth swab?Thank you!

  • Hi Chuck, Antigen tests are accepted per the CDC guidelines on their website https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
    Thinking of bringing my own test kit down.

    • My bad. I thought I had read that. Turns out it is some other countries that won’t accept antigen tests as they are less reliable in detecting infection. CDC direction seems vague. I can’t see anywhere where a “Health official” has to administer the test. Perhaps you can take test in front of a notary and have them sign. I’m glad I won’t have to take test or worry about it.

    • Yeah but you have to mail the test back to the US to get the results (so that you can come back to the US)…that might take weeks.

  • $300 dollars for a covid test is unbelieavable. Will def. be cancelling my flight and staying in the US!

  • We’re in Cabo until Feb. 13. The rapid antigen test, which is acceptable, is a significant difference and costs closer to $50-60. It is available in multiple locations and that will increase over the next couple of weeks. I can tell you that being here for just a week has been worth every inconvenience of testing. The “what if” scenarios can be endless. We debated going home next Saturday after a week to avoid the testing. But life’s too short and nothing’s guaranteed anywhere. Plus, we feel way safer here than at home. I think it’s a tragedy more people aren’t giving themselves a boost by spending time here, especially if they’re doing remote work. This link has updated information: https://www.visitloscabos.travel/covid-test/us/

    • I should clarify the rapid test is acceptable for the U.S., not Canada.

    • Are the rapid test nasal swabs? I’ve only done the throat ones here in Vegas so not sure of those are available anywhere else.

    • Thank you. This site has great n up to date info.

  • I think I found some antigen tests at
    at a pretty good price. Can’t wait to get some vitamin D down there.

  • careful – Need to research this further : Covid 19 test results are required to be documented and most self administer tests are not acceptable without proper documentation ( digital or paper).

  • Antigen tests do not meet the cdc requirements for entry to US.
    Test must be a PCR to qualify.
    The most inexpensive I have found (in only a few minutes of searching) is
    from PR Medica inc for $195 usd

    • Antigen tests do work for the US entry please read the CDC LINK

      • Had a doctor from AMC come in antigen test 6 of us $30 per test report immediately and house call fee 130 if you want to make it easy on your self

        • how long did it take to get the results?

        • Any chance you have the contact info at AMC for who you used?

    • On the CDC website it says NAAT or antigen. Where did you get the info that only PCR will work?

  • We will be staying at Paradisus in couple of months and they are giving free PCR tests for resort guests who booked directly with the resort. I am waiting to hear back from them about the cost for others who booked indirectly. They also mentioned Hospiten for off-site testing and that will be around $275 per.

  • CDC verification does require name and contact information for a lab or healthcare facility/personnel who performed the test so I highly doubt that these self administered tests will work.

  • AMC has antigen tests for $30, Turnaround is 1 hour if you check back.

    • What is AMC? Googled but couldn’t find anything,

  • Here is some more details
    Cabo PCR Airport Testing for Canadians
    Works for same day entry into Canada

    This is the questionnaire to fill out and it gives you a QR code they will want so take a screen shot on your phone
    There is no need to make an appointment but give yourself 48 hours from your departure date just incase but results usually come earlier (they mention this a lot) the price is 1450 pesos or 92.00 Canadian
    USA Antigen testing much cheaper and you can get before your flight as the turn around time is 45 minutes (not for Canadians unless you have a stop over in the USA for the night or plan to walk/drive across border you will need a PCR test from the USA (not México)

    On the form
    Where it says settlement put a . (Period-
    the boxes have to be entered with something if it doesn’t apply to you)
    Canadian postal code I believe was 12345
    as letters didn’t work use numbers

    Vancouver Airport
    Arrive Canada App fill it out as well they want to see this completion at Canadian Immigration


    Then this form

    Vancouver airport no one realizes there’s a lab on way out just before you exit and it needs your info
    You could preregister if you want or they will do it for you

  • Covid Testing in Cabo
    $600 pesos or $32 Covid for the Covid Antigen test (what you need for US travel)
    Posted: 5/24/21

    American Medical Center
    8-8pm open
    English spoken

    Near McDonalds in Cabo
    on Paseo de la Marina
    Cross street Camino Real

    Google LInk:


    Tel: +52 (624) 143- 4 911
    Email: contacto@amchospitals.com

    Respect locals / Wear a mask

  • Saliva test available anywhere in Cabos please? If so how much and what is the exact procedure?

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