Struggling to Find Reliable Providers?

 Struggling to Find Reliable Providers?

This company helps you connect with the right ones


Officially launched on August 1, Cabo Connect is this area’s newest personal home assistance program. The small business was created for their members to find over 100 necessary services for their home and family, while at the same time overcoming the difficult issues of language barriers, safety in Mexico concerns, and other quality expectations.

“We have created an easy-to-use, simple, custom network to allow access to quality service providers, easy appointment setting, and secure payment processing for our members,” said Cabo Connect business partner Steve Costa.

“At the same time, our secondary, but equally important focus is to help our fellow small business owners in the Greater Cabo area grow their business without any risks or upfront costs. In this difficult time of change and struggle, we need to come together as a community in support of one another,” added Costa.

The Cabo Connect key focus is to more-easily connect the 1000’s of Americans, Canadians, and other foreigners living in Los Cabos. According to Steve Costa, the new company has received much interest from local Spanish speaking families as well, who struggle to find the quality service providers they need. Members who join Cabo Connect pay one simple inexpensive monthly membership that entitles them to access the Cabo Connect verified providers. This includes everything from finding a plumber, a gardener, a pool service company, a babysitter, or housekeeper. Whatever members need, Cabo Connect makes it easy.

“With one simple call, text, email, or by using our quick and easy website booking service, we handle it all.” said co-founder Steve Costa. “Whatever you need, we make it easy.”

Costa moved to Cabo San Lucas a little more than 3 years ago.

“I was so excited. I absolutely loved the beauty of the area, the amazing loving people, and the energy, and I knew this was truly my new home.”

However, after a few weeks, he realized how difficult it was to find the necessary services he needed for his new home; like finding a good carpenter, plumber, pool guy, mechanic, gardener, and housekeeper, etc. So, like everyone else, he resorted to asking random people for recommendations, but, with his limited Spanish speaking skills, Costa had trouble communicating with people over his concerns about the quality of the work they were going to provide. He was also apprehensive about trusting and allowing various strangers into his home.

It was around this time he consulted a trusted friend and Mexican national, Eurídice Barragán, who became his business partner after hours of discussion on the subject matter. They created Cabo Connect as a membership-based service that connects thousands of local residents with hundreds of needed services in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

The two partners work as the go-betweens for all of their members and have several bilingual reps on staff to handle the needs of their clientele. They schedule appointments for them based on their request and coordinate with their Cabo Connect verified service providers.

“Once the job is finished, we bill the member directly for the job, so there is always comfort and safety as a one-stop-shop. Afterwards, we survey our customers, and our providers are assigned to future jobs based on their customer satisfaction scores, much like Uber does. Our members receive only the best of the best,” said Eurídice Barragán.

Steve Costa, who is originally from California, has a degree in business and 18 years of experience in timeshare sales and real estate management. Euridice Barragan arrived in Los Cabos from Cancun, Mexico about 4 years ago. She has a degree in marketing and runs her own dance studio, Casa De La Danza Los Cabos, in San Jose del Cabo.

To reach Cabo Connect call Steve Costa at (808) 635-1038 or the Cabo Connect office number at (624) 235-3979, email or visit their website: ,

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