Mexican Senate Approves Guaranteed Beach Access

 Mexican Senate Approves Guaranteed Beach Access

Although the Mexican Constitution states that all beaches are free, as they are property of the nation, in real life many beaches have been privatized, mostly by hotels and resorts. Yesterday the Senate voted unanimously to Guarantee Free Access to everyone. In case a hotel or resort or restaurant has been built with no free beach access, they now must allow people to cross their property towards the beach. Business established on the oceanfront currently pay a small annual fee that allows them to keep private only a small patch of land for chairs and lounges for their patrons but must leave 20 meters from the higher tide free to everyone. Failing to do so will bring fines between $12,000 to $47,000 USD.


  • Thank you GG for publishing this information! I have been discussing this issue with many of my neighbors who are newly transplanted residents ( formally known as Americans ). The more we know about the laws in our new home country the better!

    • Thank you for reading us!

  • Someone needs to check on access to the San Cristobal Beach at kilometer 111 Highway 19.

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