La Paz Art Exhibit Not-to-Be-Missed

 La Paz Art Exhibit Not-to-Be-Missed


On display at the La Paz Museum of Modern Art since December 15, is the art exhibit of Mexican artist Oliver Martínez. His latest series, “Ventanas,” (Windows), a collection of works he developed during his 2022 residency in Todos Santos, was inspired by the captivating sounds and textures of Baja California Sur’s landscape. “Ventanas” is more than just a series of artwork. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of the painter’s style. 

The exhibition features over fifty pieces that include paintings, bronzes, sketches, and even sand sculptures. In a unique move to connect with the public, Martínez will be crafting a series of sculptures “live” on the beach, in the museum, and at the boardwalk near the kiosk throughout December. The outdoor art-making project is a celebration of his thirteen years in the art world, bringing his creative process into the open for all to see and enjoy before the end of the year. 

“I came to Todos Santos almost two years ago to live. Baja California Sur gave me a great welcome. Nine months of effort represent this project of 60 pieces that tell of my travels as a nomadic artist in search of a new life,” said Oliver. Paintings, bronze sculptures, unpublished artist diaries, and a documentary video, all encompass the variety of works that Oliver Martínez will have on display.

“When I lived in Mexico City, I used to draw everywhere. Inspiration could come on a sidewalk, in the subway crowd, on the platform, walking through the streets, or in parks. It was always a way of telling stories that passed before my eyes and that reflected my state of mind on many occasions,” added Oliver. “I really liked it when I was sitting on my route on the Line 2 subway, and people in front of me watched when I was drawing. Over time I got used to the looks that connected with my notebooks. Somehow, they were part of that moment. And there were interesting talks that emerged, which made me realize that drawing can connect people.”

The art of Martínez will remain in public view at the Art Museum of La Paz for four months.

“Each painting is the trace of a memory, of a moment frozen in time that manages to come out through color,” said the artist from Mexico City. “I don’t know how long I will continue in  this studio, but I know that for now, it is my safest place. My home.”

For more information or to contact the artist please visit, or email Cell phone # (552) 781-5817.