East Cape Growth Driven by Community Spirit & (non-fishing) Sporting Activities

 East Cape Growth Driven by Community Spirit & (non-fishing) Sporting Activities

Villa del Faro Hotel in the East Cape.


A new report shows foreign inhabitants of Baja’s East Cape are drawn to the area because of community spirit and the growth of sporting activities.

The research, conducted by Ronival’s Los Barriles office, polled hundreds of foreign residents and found 48% of respondents live in the area because of hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, yoga, pickleball, diving and paddle boarding, while 42% cite community spirit as a main reason for living in towns such as El Cardonal, Los Barriles and La Ribera – the main towns on the East Cape.

Both new and longer-term residents attributed the following to why they live on the East Cape:

  1. The swimmable beaches (64%)
  2. Fitness and sporting activities (see above) (48%)
  3. Community spirit (42%)
  4. Sport fishing (26%)
  5. Restaurants and cafes (24%)
  6. Windsports (19%)

The research contradicts the long-held view that sport fishing (26%) and wind sports (19%) are the major drivers for moving to Los Barriles, El Cardonal and La Ribera. In fact, the growing number of restaurants and cafes (24%) is an increasingly popular reason for living in the area thanks to new locations such as La Casita, Gaviota, Lisca and Santuario in Los Barriles as well as Mozza (Costa Palmas).

Growth has also been driven by friends and families of existing residents making the area their home. A staggering 50% of inhabitants have introduced up to 5 people to the area who have also decided to buy, build or rent in the region.

Residents come from across the U.S. and Canada with the top five locations as follows:

  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Washington
  4. British Columbia
  5. Oregon

However, the recent changes across the East Cape have had an impact. While 75% of foreign residents said that they would not be leaving in the next 12 months, 25% said they are considering it, or have decided to move. The main reasons given are: overdevelopment, more people coming to the area and because they could no longer afford to live there due to rising prices.

Emma Nicholson, Realtor & Team Leader, Ronival Los Barriles office comments: “We have been seeing a change on the East Cape over the past few years thanks to the natural beauty of the region, and the plethora of activities and strong community spirit. Most notably, our Ronival Los Barriles office is seeing more residents introducing their friends and families to the area who understandably love it as much as they do. With this growth, it’s important that we maintain the vital community essence while also working together with our Mexican hosts on infrastructure and utility projects so that we can continue to live in paradise.”

The research also found that foreign residents want to remain in the area thanks to:

  1. The beach life
  2. Strong network of friends and the social life
  3. The international airport in San Jose Del Cabo
  4. Better healthcare available in San Jose and Cabo
  5. Volunteer opportunities

Respondent demographics: 320 respondents to a SurveyMonkey, in-person and social media survey conducted across residents of the East Cape (June – Sept 2023). 84% are homeowners. 13% rent on a permanent or long-term basis. Age range from 30 to 60+.

For more information, please contact Emma Nicholson at enicholson@ronival.com or +1 206 678 4956.