Spay and Neuter Campaign Breaks Record

 Spay and Neuter Campaign Breaks Record


Last Sunday, the Casa Sheila Spay and Neuter program and shelter fixed 330 kitties and doggies that will have babies to suffer on the streets! The cost of this campaign, in pesos, is 118, 500 for vets, 5000 for supplies, 3000 for pizza, 2000 for sándwiches for people waiting for pets. Another 4000 for misc., copies, bracelets, t shirts and hats for education program etc. that equals 177,500 pesos. 

That is US 10,441 dollars. The organization depends on donations to do all this. Their main goal is to impact the community in a positive manner and to EDUCATE our future generations to treat animals like family and to be responsible for their care and sterilization.

Kids this time were soooo special, they did school projects, made posters and walked and talked to hundreds of people about the clinic! Weeks of planning proved successful!. The org’s volunteers could stay in their comfy beds and wake up at their leisure but nope, they showed up at 6 am to start a long list of prep work and then work their asses off in the hot, dusty and loud clinic stopping bleeding, making sure all are breathing, gulping Gatorade, grabbing a slice of pizza if they are Lucky and never stopping until the last animal has recovered. Done, right? 

Nope, the group has to break up, take tents down, pack up supplies, haul supplies sometimes a long way to the trailer and load. Then they have to drive trailer to location to leave it and then they can finally get home. These volunteers are our heroes, seriously, how many have the fortitude to do all that for no money? Please, these coming weeks they are prepping for the largest clinic in Mexico, they need all of you to help. Sponsor, donate, volunteer do whatever it takes to help the animals and the people! Paypal