Social Club Does Dutch Lunch at French Venue

 Social Club Does Dutch Lunch at French Venue


The ladies of Los Cabos Tomatoes gathered at Panache on October 12 for their monthly Dutch Lunch. The delightful restaurant served as the backdrop for an afternoon of European cuisine and ambiance. Los Cabos Tomatoes, a longstanding women’s social and networking organization for over 30 years, boasts a diverse membership comprising Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, and individuals from around the world. The organization’s volunteer-driven nature shines through its various offerings, including monthly luncheons, cocktail parties, and special-themed events, all to foster friendships, nurture connections, and promote networking.

Lisbet Morales, of Funerarias Rivera

The Dutch Lunches also provide a platform for one member to take center stage in the “Network Spotlight.” In this month’s spotlight was Lisbet Morales, representing Funeraria Rivera. Lisbet offers essential support during challenging moments of grief and goodbyes, focusing on the utmost priority of honoring the eternal memory of those who have preceded us. Her company specializes in serving foreign citizens and locals, working closely with international embassies to ensure all necessary arrangements and legal procedures are managed efficiently, even if Los Cabos is not the preferred final resting place. To explore further, you can contact Lisbet at 624-105-1333 or visit

With the Day of the Dead approaching, a vital aspect of Mexican heritage, the period from November 1st to 2nd becomes a time of celebration and remembrance for loved ones who have passed away. Families create altars adorned with photographs, vibrant flowers, and candles, often accompanied by the preparation of their departed loved ones’ favorite dishes. This cherished tradition has deep roots in the Aztec culture, where indigenous people believed in the return of spirits and held dear the memories of the departed. To fully immerse oneself in the spirit of this holiday, local residents and visitors alike can explore various locations in Los Cabos. The San José del Cabo Gallery District is a notable starting point, known for its authentic atmosphere. Additionally, Plaza Amelia in Cabo San Lucas stands out as a fantastic destination, with local communities crafting elaborate altars to honor their ancestors.

The gathering saw a remarkable turnout of members who registered their attendance for our October luncheon, fostering a strong sense of community and connection among the group. The list of attendees included: Gina Skjerpe, Carolyn Alley, Julie Anderson, Louise Bent, Rhonda Blevins, Francine Bradford, Nancy Brekke, Kerry Kisabeth Burton, Patricia Clay, Linda Daniels, Marsha David, Jamey Eller, Kimberlyn Elliott, Donna Gray, Gina Jones-Skjerpe, Wendy Knapp, Leslie Lampi, Marilyn Larocque, Vickey Lindemann, Vikki Lozano, Joyce McCall with guest Renee Romaro, Joyce McCall, Paula Middleton, Sherrie Miller, Becky Nigrelle, Nicole Oliver, Peggy Rima, Bonnie Perelli, Joni Ross, Wendy Rudell, Dawn Solomon with guest Jennifer Walling, Rita Sozio, Lorraine Spargo, Carol Stream, Donna Timmons, Janet Tompkins, Diane Tracy, Joyce Turner, and Mary Vandeberg. 

Los Cabos Tomatoes, formed in 1991, boasts a current membership of approximately 600 individuals. For those seeking more information, the organization can be reached at