Love Birdwatching? You’ll Love this Story

 Love Birdwatching? You’ll Love this Story

A 4-year-old Least Tern that was banded as a chick shortly after it was born in La Ribera in 2019 was reported as being alive and well by Valentine Chassagnon, an avid birdwatcher, who photographed the tern standing on top of a Ridley turtle in the Sea of Cortez, close to Jacques Cousteau Island, formerly known as Cerralvo Island. 

The tern was banded as part of the Least Tern research and conservation program in Los Cabos, which is headed by Graciela Tiburcio Ph.D.

These reports shed light on the behaviors of these fascinating birds and help researchers better understand how these species are managing survival in today’s world.

Chassagnon’s report of the bird’s tag, A26, confirms that this tern was born 4 years ago in La Ribera and is moving towards its mating and nesting area in the municipality of Los Cabos.

If you happen to see a bird with a band on its leg, make sure to get a photo and report it, so you too can help monitor the condition of the Least Tern population in the area.

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Information shared by Cabo Pulse.