Ask a Mexican

 Ask a Mexican

How do you celebrate Mexican Independence Day? What do you eat?

María González, 32, Elementary School Teacher:

On Mexican Independence Day, my family and I gather at home. We don’t have much money to spend on elaborate celebrations, so we keep it simple. We make traditional Mexican dishes like tacos and tamales together. In the evening, we watch the President’s “Grito de Independencia” on TV, and when he shouts “¡Viva México!” we join in with our own shouts. Sometimes, if we can afford it, we buy a few fireworks to light up the night sky. It’s a time for us to feel proud of our country’s history and bond as a family.

Juan Ramírez, 45, Construction Worker:

Independence Day means a day off from work for me and my friends. We usually head to the local plaza, where there are free events and concerts. We don’t have much to spend, so we enjoy the music and entertainment provided by the government. Afterward, we grab some street food and share stories about our ancestors who fought for our freedom. It’s a day of unity and solidarity for us, celebrating our nation’s resilience.

Rosa López, 28, Street Vendor:

As a street vendor, I work long hours, but on Independence Day, I decorate my food cart with Mexican flags and colors. I offer discounts on traditional Mexican snacks like elotes and esquites to attract customers. After work, my family and I gather to watch the national celebrations on TV. It’s not an extravagant celebration, but we take pride in our culture and remember the heroes who fought for our freedom.

Manuel Torres, 38, Factory Worker:

Mexican Independence Day means an extended weekend, and I usually spend it with my family at home. We enjoy a potluck-style meal with each family member contributing a dish. My kids love painting their faces with the Mexican flag’s colors, and we often participate in community parades if there’s one nearby. It’s a time to teach my children about our history and instill a sense of patriotism.

Ana García, 27, Cashier:

On Mexican Independence Day, my friends and I organize a neighborhood potluck. Each family brings a dish, and we share a big meal together in the local park. We make traditional foods like pozole and chiles en nogada, and everyone contributes what they can. We sing the national anthem and shout “¡Viva México!” together. It’s a heartwarming way to celebrate our nation’s independence without breaking the bank.

Carlos Morales, 36, Taxi Driver:

My Independence Day celebration usually involves driving around the city and offering free rides to people who are attending public events or celebrations. I decorate my taxi with flags and patriotic symbols to create a festive atmosphere for my passengers. While I may not have much 3for others celebrating this important day.