Calendar of Performing Arts

 Calendar of Performing Arts

Cultural activities and sites to see at home during COVID-19

October 1. Thursday. 8:30 p.m.VAN GOGH, A SUNFLOWER AGAINST THE WORLD is an online play about the work and life of one of the most fascinating and popular artists of all time. Its director and actor, Mario Iván Martínez, created this staging inspired by his own experience a few years ago when he voiced the character in a renowned documentary. In the summer of 2018 he enriched his work in France, Holland and England by visiting the places where Van Gogh carried out most of his creative process. He then chose to reconstruct the details of Vincent van Gogh’s life with a personal look, moving away from myth, approaching man with his strengths and weaknesses, with his obsessions and inexhaustible artistic restlessness. In a one-man show. $120 pesos and $350 pesos (VIP). More info: 

As of October 2. Every Friday, every 15 days. 8 p.m.Mariana Cinat and Lucio Bazzalo. They present a cycle of performance on Instagram Live and via their official website. The show lasts approximately 45 minutes and is presented every Friday every 15 days. The performance begins at 8:00 p.m. (Baja California Sur time). The audiovisual experience is carried out from the living room of a house. Where through resources such as mapping, dance, projections and acting, they carry out this series of unique interventions. Each issue promises to be unique and unrepeatable. Musicalized by Kchi Homeless and Carla Di Grazia. Free. More info: and on instagram : @marianacinat & @luchobaz

October 4, 11 and 18. Sunday. 12 p.m.La Tetera, Theater Company, Presents Gum Gum. A Tale Of-Purple. What if the fate of all the sweets in the world were in the hands of a 6-year-old girl? In this story, Princess Gloty will learn the valuable treasure that family is, she will teach a fearsome purple monster, the importance of eating a healthy diet and will put values such as empathy, responsibility and tolerance. Together with his father, King Alan Brito Delgado and his faithful assistant, Aquiles Brinco; Gloty will live a sticky and fun digital adventure to save herself and prevent all the sweets in the world from disappearing. The function will be carried out by zoom at 1 p.m. (Mexico City time). You will have the password to access it together with your purchase confirmation email. $120 pesos. More info: 

October 14 to 18. Wednesday to Sunday. Different hours.The International Cervantino Festival (# 48FIC) of Guanajuato will be held virtually and free of charge from October 14 to 18. It will have the participation of 570 artists from Argentina, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, the United States of America, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Senegal and Uruguay. With a total of 27 dance, theater, music and opera groups. Create your own profile and enjoy the broadcasts available up to 24 hours after its launch, access audiovisual content and create your own virtual experience. More info:

Every day at all hours. 

Festivities of Indigenous Peoples Virtual Exhibition by Mexicana Repository of Cultural Heritage of Mexico. This exhibition shows the importance of festivals, and how it is related to a series of factors that define them, among which we can highlight the intersection between the Catholic religion with the various pre-Hispanic rituals. Mexicana is a project that allows valuable digital resources and provides universal, free and open access to Mexico’s cultural heritage under international interoperability schemes and where you will find different virtual exhibitions. They rely on a team of professionals specialized in cultural management, cataloging and digital preservation among others and work directly with the data providers that supply content to the repository in an ongoing manner. More info: 

Degollado Theater Virtual Tour.Don’t you know the emblematic Degollado Theater on Guadalajara, Jalisco? Thanks to the technology of the Google Maps Street View tool, space can be inspected in detail and explored virtually through amazing 360-degree photographs. Through the selection of these views, the user can “walk” through the various levels of the site, from the stage to the gallery, passing through all the levels of lunettes. What are you waiting for? Visit it at this link: 

Chiapas’ Coffee Museum Virtual Tour.Get to know the Coffee Museum in the State of Chiapas. Enjoy this virtual tour inside the rooms, which will teach you everything you did not know about this magnificent plant and its grains with which this magnificent and delicious drink is made. More info: 

Mexican Indigenous Languages interactive activitiesThe National Institute of Indigenous Languages (INALI), brings for you activities aimed at the speaking and non-speaking population of indigenous Mexican languages that are found in urban and rural contexts with internet access, some of these activities will require the accompaniment of parents, mothers of family or guardians. The Institute in its commitment to serve the indigenous population that does not have access to the internet is generating recreational and educational materials. Meet them! More here:

From Monday to Sunday. 6:30 p.m. Cuentos para antes de dormir (Tales Before Going to Bed). A reading space made by “Sala de lectura Hermanita de Ysabela”. Every day you will enjoy different readings and poems for children, which will help you create new stories at bedtime. Spanish. More info:


Quarantine 2020: Images in real time. Virtual Photographic Exhibition. Through the Ministry of Culture and the Clavijero Cultural Center, this photographic exhibition aims to motivate action in the midst of the life limitations imposed by the pandemic and in the midst of the extreme sacrifices that it also imposes. Some in quarantine, isolation. Others, working for public service. Without any cynicism, it must be recognized that photography generates intermediate activities with little physical effort accompanied by a type of interior-exterior dialogue of the human being. And at the same time, of the space inhabited by anyone with a camera facing the urban. More info:

Erotic and mystical outbursts. Virtual curator. With the virtual curators project, the National Museum of Art disseminates the wide content and richness of its artistic heritage through a set of exhibitions that address, in seven themes, from New Spanish iconography to the dialogues between art and literature in the generation of the Contemporaries. More info:

The Tough Business of The Opera- Documental. With Anna Netrebko, Cecilia Bartoli, Jonas Kaufmann, Rolando Villazón. They all started from the bottom and had tough competition. How did you manage to make the great leap to the international stage? How do you get to be an opera star? Why do some people make it and others don’t? This documentary explores these questions and features various singers at different stages of their careers, as well as theater directors, conductors, and artistic directors. The voice is no longer enough to be successful as an opera singer. Nerves of steel and good looks are very important today, in addition to social networks. Getting a job at an opera is like winning the lottery. Those who have just entered this labor market earn just 2,000 gross euros, and that after six years of study. It is less than what a stage technician earns. A documentary about the difficult road to success. Spanish. More info:

INTERFAZ. The National Center for the Arts (CENART), makes available its new virtual interface, with which you can see live broadcasts of different shows of an artistic nature. Do not miss this free cultural platform, everything is in Spanish so you may practice and enjoy. Check the web site:

TEATRIX. Is ​​a platform that was born five years ago in Argentina, a country where it currently has 60,000 users. It is the first platform for streaming high-definition plays through a fixed monthly subscription. The advantage it has compared to other platforms where you find theatrical shows is that in addition to having a wide catalog, all the presentations have excellent image and sound definition. USD $ 7.99 per month. More info:

Modigliani’s Country. The Museum of The Palace of Fine Arts, launched the microsite El Paris de Modigliani and his contemporaries with the support of the Jonas Netter Foundation. This microsite offers a digital approach to this mega exhibition. This virtual exhibition integrates contents that allow you to enjoy timelines, a selection of music from the period and texts by renowned specialists, with the intention of preparing the public once the exhibition can be visited physically. The best thing is that it is free and available from any device with an internet connection. More info:

Never Left Home. Margaret Randall, #GranHotelAbismo 6th Episode Podcast. The Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC) of Mexico City presents #GranHotelAbismo a program of critical theory, art and visual culture in which users can listen to talks and interviews with specialists in cultural policy, creators and curators. It is a space for reflection on the present, not only on issues of art and culture, but on society in general.” It presents episodes with thematic series, conversations, recovery of recordings unique pasts and guests. Spanish and English. More

Visit The Cabo San Lucas Natural History Museum. Through a 3D Virtual Tour, explore the Cabo San Lucas Natural History Museum. Visit and discover the Cabo San Lucas through the archeology area and another exhibition rooms where the remains of the skeleton of a Pericú woman, the ethnic groups on the Baja peninsula, its biodiversity and information about the migration of dolphins and whales as well as the preservation of the sea turtle. The astronomy, geology paleontology and the temporary exhibition room. Visit the site to see the Museum: 

Guelaguetza Oaxaca Festivities. As part of the July Guelaguetza festivities, Susana Harp offers more than 5,000 attendees to the Plaza de la Danza in Oaxaca, a show of culture, music, dance and videos. This is the fifth time that Susana Harp presented this multidisciplinary show, in which the faces, landscapes, customs and folklore of the different regions of Oaxaca were shown. More info:

Cabanas Cultural Institute Virtual Tour. The Cabañas Cultural Institute declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1997 has 23 patios, 106 rooms, 78 corridors and two chapels, and mainly houses 57 frescoes by the Jalisco muralist José Clemente Orozco. During its history it has presented exhibitions by distinguished artists such as Diego Rivera , David Alfaro Siqueiros, María Izquierdo, José Luis Cuevas, George Baselitz, Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys and Yoko Ono, to name a few. More info:

Guadalajara’s University Museum of Arts (MUSA) Virtual Tour. The virtual tour of The MUSA Consisting of more than 1,435 m2, it has 14 temporary exhibition rooms, a multipurpose room and two workshop rooms. Its collection consists of 155 pieces, consisting of works of different techniques and formats that were made, at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the current one, by national and foreign creators, some of them born in Jalisco or living in the state, among which two murals by José Clemente Orozco stand out. More info:

Zapopan Art Museum Virtual Tour. The Zapopan Art Museum (MAZ) its exhibitions have the mission of creating experiences that encourage reflection and learning through contemporary art, as well as favoring that which fosters complex knowledge and self-thinking. On its virtual tour you can see 4 current exhibitions, where you can admire interventions by public spaces, creating an interaction between the works and the public. More info:

Museums and Archeological Sites of Mexico. The Secretary of Culture has prepared for you this space of digital culture and free access, where you will find tours of museums and archaeological sites, films, books, concerts, conferences, documentaries, plays, audios, applications and much more. Enjoy it! More info:

The 8th Wind Band Monumental Concert. As part of The Guelaguetza Festivities  The Secretariat of Culture and Arts of Oaxaca in conjunction with CORTV, invites you to enjoy the broadcast of the 8th Wind Band Monumental Concert. The Guelaguetza Auditorium houses more than 1,300 participants, 524 girls, and 826 boys and young people from indigenous communities that make up the 48 wind bands of the 8 regions of the state. More info:

The Soundscape of Oaxaca. Is extracted from a compilation of 2 CDS released in 2012. Oaxaca is one of the states in Mexico with the greatest wealth in sound diversity. In this Virtual Sound Garden we will listen to the sounds of its streets, markets, parties, trades, indigenous languages and natural environments that constitute it auditory. These sounds were recorded in the Mixtec Region, Central Valleys, Sierra Norte and the Isthmus; Thanks to them we can all transport ourselves to the wonderful land of Oaxaca and be part of its sound and cultural heritage. More info:

Monet Experience and The Impressionist, Miniseries. Huawei and Crossmedia México present the miniseries Monet Experience and The Impressionist, six chapters dedicated to exploring the life of the French painter and giving viewers an introduction to the next exhibition under the same name. Free.
Each episode will narrate a different aspect of the life and work of the French artist: Chapter 1: Poverty, rejection and the great battle waged by Monet and his companions. Chapter 2: Monet and his contemporaries; the parents of impressionism. (Part 1). Chapter 3. Monet and his contemporaries; the parents of impressionism. (Part 2). Chapter 4. Sun Impression; an analysis of Monet’s painting, which changed the course of the history of painting. Chapter 5. The Rouen Cathedral; how Monet painted it more than 30 times doing an unpublished study on light. Chapter 6. Giverny; the wonderful gardens designed by Monet, who he painted for the rest of his life. Spanish. More info:

Francisco Toledo Audiovisual. The digital platform Contigo en la Distancia brings you exclusive audiovisual content about Francisco Toledo, a Oaxacan artist who left a very important legacy on his native land. His artistic presence was inescapable in the often convulsive streets of Oaxaca, the capital city of the southern state of Mexico. He was a singular defender of the place and a product of it. Oaxaca is fiercely political and culturally distinct from the rest of the country. More info:

The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) Virtual Tour. The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) is a cultural center of Mexico, the most important in the northwest region. The Tijuana Cultural Center is installed on an area of 3.5 hectares and located in one of the most modern urban areas of the city five minutes from the border. CECUT has become the symbol of greatest recognition with which Tijuana is identified. More info:,

Visit Museum of Abstract Art “Manuel Felguérez”. Name of the Zacatecan sculptor, painter, muralist and engraver. Manuel Felguérez, originally from, Valparaíso, Zacatecas, died at the age of 92. Leaving an extensive work of his artistic work, in the Zacatecan Institute of Culture “Ramón Lopez Velarde”, a venue that enabled the virtual visit of the Museum of Abstract Art. More info:

“XXI”, HOFA (House of Fine Art) Gallery Virtual Art Exhibition. Enjoy this virtual exhibition from the HOFA Gallery that brings together the works of some of the most important contemporary artists. Now you can admire some of the most important works of the most influential contemporary artists of recent years, such as Banksy, Damien Hirst, Kaws, George Condo and Jeff Koons, from the comfort of your home. HOFA Gallery (House of Fine Art) in London, in collaboration with ARTCELS Virtual Gallery, launched a virtual art exhibition entitled “XXI”, a fully interactive, three-dimensional high-definition virtual experience. To access this exhibition, its exclusive features, virtual reality exhibits and immersive content, you just have to enter this link and send your email. More info:

Visit The Buckingham Palace, which has been the official residence of the kings and queens of the United Kingdom since 1837, is also currently the administrative seat of the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. You can now see a virtual tour of three of its most important rooms: The Throne Room, The White Drawing Room and The Great Staircase. Do not miss it. 
More info:

Designer of Dreams Documentary and Ballet Workshop by Christian Dior. Dance and especially ballet have always been a source of inspiration for the French brand created by Christian Dior. In addition, during this health crisis, COVID-19 has tried to contribute a bit of entertainment for people in their homes, as it did a few weeks ago by releasing the documentary for the exhibition Christian Dior for free: Designer of Dreams. Dior teamed up with ballet dancers from the Paris Opera and the Stuttgart Ballet in Germany to teach ballet classes online for free! So this is the perfect time to learn this art from home and what better than from the hands of some of the best dancers in the world. The workshops are taught in videos of no more than 30 minutes and are available through the official channel of YouTube of the French fashion house. You will notice that they are in French, however, they have English subtitles. More info:  and 

Discover Google Arts & Culture. the application that offers you nature walks, museums, collections and more, without leaving home. Turn these days of confinement around with the help of technology. English. More info:

The Victoria & Albert Museum. Enjoy this exhibition of one of the most prestigious museums in the world of fashion and design. It currently has a wide variety of exhibitions on the platform, although definitely one of the favorites is the collection dedicated to the Basque designer Balenciaga. Don’t miss out on this amazing journey through fashion history. English. More info:

The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. Salvatore Ferragamo Museum has several exhibitions available to users of the Google website, but one of our favorites is “Marilyn Monroe and the power of her 4-inch stiletto heels.” A sample that includes 30 pairs of shoes and more than 50 outfits that the well-known actress wore in some of her films and in her public appearances. More info:

Palace of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Architecture 360° Virtual Tour. The Palace of Fine Arts of Mexico City offers a 360º virtual tour for you to discover each of its corners. Inside you can see the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Architecture, as well as its terraces and its Main Room that has a glass curtain. Inside you can see works by different Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Rufino Tamayo, Jorge González Camarena, among many others.More info:

De la Cruz-Badiano Codex. To preserve the knowledge originated 7 thousand years ago about the cultivation of native Mesoamerican plants and flowers. Compiled by Nahuatla doctors Martín de la Cruz and Juan Badiano in 1552 at the Colegio de Santa Cruz de Santiago Tlatelolco about the cultivation of native Mesoamerican plants and flowers. This reissue is dedicated to recognizing peasant work that has continued without interruption. This millenary work has kept knowledge alive and has contributed to preserving the evolutionary diversity and cultural richness of Mexico. This reflection on the deep ties that unite the knowledge preserved in books or codices deposited in libraries or in ethnobotanical gardens, true repositories derived from the reproduction of plants and ancestral knowledge: herbal, medicinal, gastronomic, of the use of fibers for textiles , colorants, sweeteners, cosmetics and other scientific and applied knowledge to the development of peasant communities and society, which preserve the diversity of the natural world and its cultural diversity (Moreno Toscano, 2020). More info:

The Francisco Cossío Museum Virtual Tour.  On this virtual tour is one of the most important museums of the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Objects from geological materials, vestiges of pre-Hispanic cultures, and art from the 16th century to the present day.

International Virtual Collective Exhibition of Pinhole Photography 3th Edition. The Secretary of Culture of the State of Querétaro brings the exhibition to commemorate the International Day of Pinhole Photography

The Armoncito. A life on rails. This exhibition presents a selection of 34 images from the collection of the National Museum of the Mexican Railways, which gives an account of the scenes in stations, landscapes and railway infrastructures that the workers of the Department of Tracks and Structures of the National Railways of Mexico visited, to repair and maintain the country’s rail system. More info:

“P * to”. Short film of The Cinematographic Training Center, Directed by Martín Bautista. Mexico / 2014/18 min. This is the story of Arturo, a lonely boy who fears most people, in his quest to find and accept his sexual identity. The story is set in Zacatecas, during the 1990s, and explores the stigma that the homosexual community experienced during the HIV crisis. Spanish. More info:

Until September 20. Guided tour: Clara Porset: Design and thought with guest curator Ana Elena Mallet. This exhibition is conceived from the ideas extracted from the texts written by Clara Porset and published in national and international magazines such as Espacios, Arquitectura México, Décor, Social (Cuba) and Arts and Architecture, among others. The ideas and concerns of the designer will encourage reflection in the exhibition space and will show the viewer the true meaning of her work: a social design, inspired by tradition and with its own identity anchored at times nationally, but proposing a new way of living. English and Spanish. Follow the link:

From September 22 to October 15. Tuesday and Thursday. Cartonería Skull Workshop by The Amparo Museum to you. In this workshop you will learn about the tradition of skulls and catrinas and you will be able to make a skull using the cardboard technique by molding the structure and modeling the decorative details, obtaining a personalized and unique piece. The workshop will has two schedules: Morning group on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and the Afternoon group on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The duration of the workshop will be 8 sessions by zoom platform. It is mainly aimed at people over 13 years old. The workshop is free and with limited space. Spanish. More info and registrations: 

Starting September 18. Every Friday each 15 days. 8 p.m. Mariana Cinat and Lucio Bazzalo. They present a cycle of performance on Instagram live and through their official website. The show lasts round 45 minutes and begins at 8:00 p.m. (Baja California Sur time). The audiovisual experience is carried out from the living room of a house. Where through resources such as mapping, dance, projections and acting, they carry out this series of unique interventions. Each issue promises to be unique and unrepeatable. Musicalized by Kchi Homeless and Carla Di Grazia. Free. More info: and on instagram : @marianacinat & @luchobaz

Every Monday and Thursday. 7 p.m. The Cineclub Los Cabos, brings to you every Monday short films and movies on Thursdays to enjoy at home for free through its official page on Facebook. Do not miss a good collection of the seventh art in the comfort of your home. Link available on the time schedule Original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. More info:

Every Friday from 8 p.m. Cineclub Los Cabos brings you a new cycle of film screenings called “Film Screenings in the Merkado”, don’t miss this incredible event that will take place until December with the necessary health measures and respecting the healthy distance. The Merkado is on the San Jose-San Lucas fourlane, next to the H+ Hospital. Limited availability. Original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. More info:

Every Thursday. 8 p.m. Cinema Vagabundo brings you every Thursday movies to enjoy at home for free through its official page on Facebook. Link available on the time schedule. Enjoy the seventh art from your home. Original language with Spanish subtitles. Free. More info: 

September 3. Tuesday. 6 p.m. MDT.  Find Me. Book presentation with his author André Aciman who has become one of the most beloved and recognized authors in literature thanks to his novel “Call me by your name”, which in 2018 caused a stir in the world thanks to the homonymous film, by Luca Guadagino, awarded with the Oscar Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. The novel was published in 2007 and portrays the summer love of Elio, a 17-year-old young man, and Oliver, who live a passionate and fleeting relationship in Italy. Finally, after more than ten years, came the continuation of that love that conquered the hearts of millions of readers: Find Me, the sequel that will reunite its protagonists 15 years later, when both have taken different lives and paths. Spanish. Free. More info:

September 2 to 7. From Wednesday to Monday. Different hours. Hay Festival Querétaro 2020 edition will be digital and free, with talks with figures such as Malala Yousafzai, Gael García, a concert by Julieta Venegas and more. The festival will feature great national and international personalities during the six days, in which there will be different topics such as literature, science and current affairs, music with live concerts, keynote talks, events for all ages and much more. More info:

Until September 20. Every day at all hours. Guided tour: Clara Porset: Design and thought with guest curator Ana Elena Mallet.This exhibition is conceived from the ideas extracted from the texts written by Clara Porset and published in national and international magazines such as Espacios, Arquitectura México, Décor, Social (Cuba) and Arts and Architecture, among others. The ideas and concerns of the designer will encourage reflection in the exhibition space and will show the viewer the true meaning of her work: a social design, inspired by tradition and with its own identity anchored at times nationally, but proposing a new way of living. More info:

Online Cinema: New Season. The UNAM Film Library joins the “UNAM Culture at home” campaign and opens its collection of films on its microsite Online Cinema: New Season, where it offers an alternative to watch movies from home so that current generations and Longtime moviegoers get to know the wealth of national cinema through different genres and periods. More info:

The Filmoteca Museum of Cinematographic Devices VIRTUAL TOUR. The UNAM Film Library brings to you a virtual tour of the Museum of Cinematographic Devices. The (Autonomous National University of Mexico) UNAM Filmoteca is one of the most important archives in Latin America, it has among its activities the conservation and recovery of equipment and devices that show the technological progress of cinematography. It houses a wide collection of pre-cinematographic and cinematographic devices from various eras, including artifacts known as optical toys, and the first professional projector. You will be able to know this collection through our virtual museum, where you will find the first devices or artifacts that were used to generate moving images and part of their evolution towards current cinematographic devices, as well as information, photographs, animations, videos and even interactive and didactic three-dimensional models that will take you on a journey through its development through history, starting from a film background dating from the mid-nineteenth century. More info: 

Cinema Thursdays at Casa Buñuel: Talks about Mexican Cinema. In a tribute to Luis Buñuel as a universal artist and a fundamental part of the film history, Casa Buñuel present the first season of talk shows about art, cinema and culture, with a program of 12 talks with relevant personalities of the cinematographic work in Mexico, winners of the Ariel de Oro, guided by people from the union and communicators with extensive experience in the dissemination of cinematography. Organized by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with the UNAM Film Library, the Ingmar Bergman Chair and Cultura en Directo, Original language with Spanish subtitles. More info: