• October 21, 2020

Category : Food


Experience Picaro Garden Cuisine by Romeo and Julieta Ristorante

BY LISSETTE VALENTIN And just when we thought we had all the trendy Farm to Table restaurants we could handle, where chefs harvest the produce and feature it on their menu as a true straight crop-to-plate experience, an incredible concept opened last year. Picaro Garden Cuisine by Romeo and Julieta Restaurant (the super famous Italian […]


Cooking Like a Mexican

Coconut Shrimp BY ALE BORBOLLA Knowing we are all quarantined, a little virtual travel wouldn’t be bad at all, right? Campeche is a state often overlooked by tourists and is one of the richest in the country in food, culture, and landscapes. Campeche is one of the three entities that make up the Yucatan peninsula. […]


Gastronauts: Pioneering Chefs of Los Cabos Cuisine

Executive Chef Enrique Silva BY SUSY BUCHANAN There’s an easiness to Tamarindos, a sense that the historic farmhouse and pristine, verdant fields below have always existed. The effortlessness guests feel is the result of decades of hard work, manual labor, vision and purposefulness, all manifestations of an agricultural and gastronomical dream Executive Chef Enrique Silva […]


Many Restaurants Are Making Efforts To Assist Their Employees

BY GENERAL SANDERS Restaurants are trying to do what they can to help their employees during this difficult time. They are providing “to go” service and many are not profiting from sales, and they are doing it to help their employees through these challenging times. If you are in Cabo please try to support these […]