Oppenheimer Does Los Barriles!

 Oppenheimer Does Los Barriles!

Looking for a fun way to support a great cause? Then you’re in for a treat! As part of the ongoing Friday Movie Nights, aimed at raising funds for environmental education in the East Cape area, the critically acclaimed film “Oppenheimer” is set to light up the big screen this Friday, January 26, at Laguna Park.

This isn’t just any movie showing – it’s an almost Oscar-worthy cinematic experience that you won’t want to miss. Picture this: a comfortable seat under the stars (with chairs set up after 5 pm), the compelling story of “Oppenheimer” unfolding on a big screen, and the added immersion of surround sound. It’s like bringing the magic of the cinema outdoors!

And let’s not forget the snacks! Popcorn, candy, beer, water, and wine will be available for purchase, so you can munch and sip while you enjoy the movie. It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and comfort.

The best part? The donation for this wonderful evening is only 150 pesos. Not only do you get to enjoy a fantastic film, but you also contribute to environmental education efforts in the area.

So grab your friends, family, or just come solo for a relaxing evening at Laguna Park. It’s a chance to enjoy a great film and support a worthy cause at the same time. See you there for a memorable movie night!