Los Cabos Becomes a World Leader

 Los Cabos Becomes a World Leader

Photo by Bruce Herman

Big news for our stunning slice of paradise, Los Cabos! As the holiday season rolls in, it’s not just the festive lights that are shining bright – our hotel reservation numbers are dazzling too. According to the latest scoop from technology research group Amadeus, Los Cabos is leading the pack in global hotel reservations for the Christmas and New Year’s season. That’s right, we’re the world’s top holiday destination!

With a whopping 77% room occupancy rate, Los Cabos is sitting pretty at the top of the list, leaving other popular destinations like Cape Town, Phuket, and even Cancun trailing behind. It’s a bustling scene of travelers choosing Los Cabos as their go-to spot for holiday cheer and relaxation.

And here’s something even more impressive – our occupancy rate has jumped a significant 23% from last year. It just goes to show how much people love this place and how our reputation as a holiday hotspot is growing by leaps and bounds.

Here’s to a season filled with joy, guests, and celebrations in our beautiful Los Cabos!