Help Protect the Todos Santos Dunes!

 Help Protect the Todos Santos Dunes!

Are you passionate about protecting nature and love art? Here’s a chance to support a great cause while potentially adding a stunning piece to your art collection. Protect Todos Santos, a group dedicated to dune conservation, is hosting an art auction with a fabulous twist. The highlight? A magnificent painting by the exceptionally talented Jill Mollenhauer.

This isn’t just any painting; it’s a statement piece, measuring an impressive 60” wide and 86” high. It’s the kind of artwork that doesn’t just fill a space on your wall; it transforms it. And by bidding on this piece, you’re not just buying art – you’re contributing to the fight against the destruction of precious dunes.

The auction is live on their website and runs until December 23rd at 12:00 pm. For those who love to see art in person, the painting is currently on display at La Esquina. It’s a chance to appreciate its beauty up close before placing your bid.

If you’re interested in making this artwork your own and supporting dune protection efforts, head over to Place your bid and stay updated throughout the process. You might just need to up your bid to secure this beautiful piece!

Let’s come together for this environmental cause. Bid generously, and let’s help Protect Todos Santos in their mission to save our beautiful dunes. Your support can make a big difference!