Vehicle Traffic Changes Being Implemented

 Vehicle Traffic Changes Being Implemented

Photo courtesy of Celestino Atienzo

The state’s head of the Infrastructure, communications and transport reported that at last count, 60,000 vehicles drive around the Fonatur roundabout in San Jose del Cabo. Some changes that have been implemented are reducing maximum speeds from 90 to 60 km/hr from Home Depot to the entrance to Cabo, and from the Fonatur roundabout to Cerro Colorado. Oh, and a surprising speedbump that was poured under the La Ballena bridge (Santa Carmela area) in the SJD to CSL direction. Plus, traffic agents manually changing the lights of spotlights in key areas during rush hour. Not enough, but something is being done. Drive defensively, stay safe!


  • They need to slow down the traffic from airport in San Jose to right down to Cabo San Lucas to 60 kph

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