Traffic Alert! Ironman Takes Place this Sunday

 Traffic Alert! Ironman Takes Place this Sunday

Gear up because the Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos is just around the corner. This thrilling triathlon is all set to kick off bright and early on Sunday, November 5th, right at the picturesque Palmilla beach. Imagine the adrenaline rush as athletes dive into the crisp morning waters for a 1.2-mile swim—it’s the perfect way to wake up, if you ask me!

After making a splash, competitors will hop onto their bikes for a grueling 56-mile trek. They’ll be owning one side of the four-lane stretch from San Jose to Plaza Peninsula, cruising past the Honda dealership with determination. If you’re driving by, cheer ’em on—they’ll need that boost!

Finally, it’s time to lace up for the 13.1-mile run. Runners will pound the pavement through the San Jose hotel zone, claiming the streets from Hyatt Place all the way to the downtown main plaza. It’s gonna be quite the sight, but heads up—if you’ve got places to be, plan ahead! Traffic will be a no-go in these areas, so let’s all support the athletes and navigate our day with a little extra patience. You’ve got the heads-up—let’s enjoy the race and stay safe out there!

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