The PGA Tour Golfers Are Here!

 The PGA Tour Golfers Are Here!

Hey there, golf fans! If you’ve been keeping tabs on the World Wide Technology Championship, you know things are getting pretty exciting in Cabo right now. All the players are in town, busy getting in some practice rounds. Today, they’re hitting the greens for the El Cardonal Pro-Am and Dunes Pro-Am. It’s like a warm-up party before the main event!

Speaking of the main event, the tournament officially kicks off this Thursday. And guess where it’s happening? None other than Tiger Woods’ very own masterpiece, the El Cardonal golf course. This beauty of a course is nestled on the Pacific side of Cabo and let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold. Tiger really outdid himself with this design!

And speaking of Tiger Woods, guess who’s spotted around? The legend himself! Although he’s not quite back to his full strength following that scary car crash in 2021, it’s great to see him out and about. His presence definitely adds an extra layer of excitement to the whole affair.

So, to all the golfers out there, welcome to Cabo! It’s set to be a fantastic few days of top-notch golf, stunning views, and maybe a little bit of celebrity spotting. Let’s see what this tournament has in store for us!

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