Spay & Neuter Campaign Breaks Record

 Spay & Neuter Campaign Breaks Record

Last weekend was truly remarkable for animal welfare in our region! The Snip and Snap campaign, led by Casa Sheila and Chiquitas Friends, alongside other humane organizations, achieved a remarkable feat. In just 48 hours, spread across 10 cities, the campaign successfully spayed and neutered an impressive total of 1,472 doggies and kitties. This initiative is a significant step towards responsible pet ownership and controlling the pet population.

The distribution of these vital procedures was well-coordinated across various cities. For instance, in Tijuana, 227 furry friends received this essential care. La Paz contributed with 78, while Mexicali saw 313 pets being attended to. The scenic Cabo San Lucas wasn’t far behind with 270 procedures, and San Jose del Cabo contributed with 183. These numbers were bolstered by several more from other participating cities.

It’s heartening to see such collaborative efforts in animal welfare. The success of the Snip and Snap campaign is a testament to what can be achieved when communities and organizations come together for a common cause. Kudos to everyone involved in this initiative – it’s a giant leap forward in ensuring a better, healthier future for our four-legged companions. Congratulations on this incredible achievement!

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