Sailboat Goes Up on Fire in La Paz

 Sailboat Goes Up on Fire in La Paz

The 36-foot sailboat “Indocorus,” once a proud vessel, met a fiery fate while anchored in front of the La Posada hotel, situated at the scenic northern end of La Paz. This unexpected event unfolded on a seemingly ordinary day, turning heads and sparking concern among locals and visitors alike.

The owner of the Indocorus, along with his partner, were unwinding at the La Posada bar, perhaps enjoying the serene view of the sea, oblivious to the drama that was about to unfold. Their tranquility was shattered when flames erupted from their beloved sailboat, painting the sky with a fierce orange glow. The sight was both mesmerizing and alarming, as onlookers realized the gravity of the situation.

In a display of swift coordination and bravery, teams from the Navy, Army, and Fire Department sprang into action. They worked tirelessly to combat the blaze, their efforts a testament to their dedication and skill. Thanks to their quick response, the fire was extinguished, preventing further damage and ensuring the safety of those nearby. The incident, though unfortunate, showcased the strength and unity of La Paz’s emergency services, a silver lining in an otherwise grim occurrence.


  • Your report on the destruction of the Indecorous is complete fiction. I know the owner and his partner and they have been camped on the beach protecting their property and the property of other near by boats that were beached during hurricane Norma. The boat was set on fire by the local beach pirates who have been stripping beached sailboats of their valuable hardware. They set his boat on fire with gasoline from a stripped down hobie cat while the owner had to watch. He then proceeded to almost lose his life trying to put out the flames by himself. Many thanks to the La Paz Bomberos, Policia, and the Mexican Navy. If you want to get the real story I am available to help you get in touch with the owner of Indecorous and he can fill you in.

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