Pickleball Tournament This Weekend!

 Pickleball Tournament This Weekend!

America’s fastest-growing sport is making significant waves in Southern Baja, rapidly becoming a local favorite. This enthusiasm will be on full display from November 16 to 19 during the Baja Classic Tournament. This exciting event will be hosted at the Tres Palapas pickleball resort, a venue known for its exceptional facilities and beautiful setting in Los Barriles, East Cape.

The tournament is set to be a thrilling showcase of skill and competition, offering a total prize pool of 100,000 pesos (approximately $5,600 USD). This substantial prize is expected to attract a diverse range of players, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic amateurs, all eager to demonstrate their prowess on the court.

Tres Palapas has established itself as a premier destination for pickleball enthusiasts. Its picturesque location, combined with top-notch courts, makes it an ideal venue for such a high-profile tournament. The event promises to be a celebration of the sport’s growing popularity, not just in Southern Baja, but across the continent. With its blend of competitive spirit and community camaraderie, the Baja Classic Tournament is set to be a highlight of this year’s pickleball calendar.

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