PGA Tour Donates Thousands to Local Charity

 PGA Tour Donates Thousands to Local Charity

The DIF, which is this amazing city charity run by the government, just hit a bit of a jackpot. These folks are everyday heroes, always out there working with families who don’t have it easy, especially those with low incomes or special needs.

So, the latest scoop is that the World Wide Technology Championship, which is a big deal by itself, decided to do a solid and wrote out a whopping check for $10,000! That’s a whole lot of zeros, and it’s going straight to the DIF. Imagine all the good they can do with that kind of money. It’s like a financial power-up for their mission.

And here’s the cherry on top – the check didn’t just show up in a boring old envelope. Nope, it was hand-delivered by none other than Sebastian Vazquez. If you’re into golf, you’ll know he’s one of Mexico’s finest on the greens. Major props to him for stepping up!

So, let’s give a huge shoutout to the PGA Tour for this. Acts like this show that they’re not just about the sports headlines; they’ve got a heart for the community too. Big cheers to everyone involved!

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