New Monument Inaugurated in Downtown Cabo

 New Monument Inaugurated in Downtown Cabo

The term “Californidad” embodies a deep sense of pride and unity among the people of the three Californias: Baja California Sur, Baja California (north), and the US California. This unique cultural identity celebrates the shared history, values, and aspirations of these regions, despite their separate political boundaries.

Historical records suggest that the first area to be named California was Cabo San Lucas, around the period of 1533 to 1536. This discovery holds a special place in the hearts of Californians, as it marks the beginning of their shared heritage. The name itself, steeped in mystery and legend, has become a symbol of the adventurous spirit and diverse culture that characterizes the Californias.

Every year on November 14th, Californidad Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This day is not just a commemoration of the past but also a celebration of the ongoing cultural and social ties that bind the Californias together. In a fitting tribute, a new monument dedicated to Californidad now stands proudly at the Amelia Wilkes park in downtown Cabo San Lucas. This monument is not just a physical structure but a beacon of the shared identity and collective memory of the people from these regions. It stands as a reminder of their common roots and the vibrant future they are building together.

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