New Fire Stations Coming Up

 New Fire Stations Coming Up

The rural areas of Los Cabos are set to see a significant boost in emergency services with the construction of two new fire stations. Located in Santiago and La Ribera in the East Cape, these additions are a game-changer for the local communities. Historically, the nearest fire stations were situated in La Paz and San Jose del Cabo, and it wasn’t uncommon for it to take an hour for firefighters to reach a fire scene. That’s a long time, especially in emergency situations where every second counts.

The establishment of a fire station in Buenavista marked the beginning of a new era in rapid response. Now, with the upcoming stations in Santiago and La Ribera, things are looking even brighter. These new facilities are expected to slash response times down to just 10 minutes. This is a huge leap forward from the hour-long waits of the past.

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