Largest Spay & Neuter Campaign This Weekend

 Largest Spay & Neuter Campaign This Weekend

Get ready for an amazing weekend of tail-wagging action! Casa Sheila and Chiquita’s Friends, plus a pack of six other pet-passionate groups, are teaming up to pull off the most massive Spay & Neuter campaign we’ve ever seen. This is all going down on the weekend of November 11th and 12th, so mark those calendars.

The buzz isn’t just here; we’re taking this show on the road! The campaign is going to be in full swing not just in one place, but in several spots across the map – we’re talking Mexicali, Los Barriles, La Paz, and Cabo San Lucas. It’s a full-on spay and neuter fiesta!

But here’s the scoop – we need hands! Volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do, and we’re shouting out to all you animal lovers who want to make a difference. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at these events or just itching to help out with your first, we’d love to have you join the crew. Let’s team up to give our furry friends the care they need!

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