Largest Ketch Sailing Boat Visits Cabo

 Largest Ketch Sailing Boat Visits Cabo

The stunning 85.9m / 281’10” ‘AQuiJo’ sail yacht, currently anchored at the Cabo marina, is a sight to behold. This magnificent vessel, crafted by the renowned Dutch shipyard Oceanco, is not just a masterpiece of design but also available for charter, offering a unique sailing experience.

What makes AQuiJo stand out is its award-winning design, which is the brainchild of Dölker+Voges Design. The interior styling of this yacht is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere for all aboard. Built in 2016, AQuiJo has quickly gained a reputation for its elegance and sophistication.

The yacht’s accommodation is nothing short of luxurious, catering to up to 12 guests in 7 beautifully designed suites. These include a lavish master suite, three VIP cabins for those who want a bit of extra pampering, a double cabin, and a twin cabin. There’s also a versatile cabin that can be used as either a twin or double, depending on the guests’ needs. This flexibility makes AQuiJo ideal for a variety of group sizes and compositions, whether it’s a family vacation or a gathering of friends.


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    How much for 5 couples for 4 days please? And what is all included ?

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