Holiday Alert! Holiday Alert!

 Holiday Alert! Holiday Alert!

Monday, November 20, marks a significant date in Mexican history: the 113th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. This day is not just a regular day on the calendar; it’s a national holiday, a time for the country to pause and reflect on a pivotal moment in its past.

On this day, you’ll find the streets a bit quieter in some areas, as banks, government offices, and various businesses shut their doors to observe the holiday. It’s a break from the usual hustle and bustle, a chance for employees in these sectors to kick back and relax. However, for those who do clock in, there’s a silver lining – they’re entitled to triple their usual salary for the day’s work. It’s a gesture that honors the importance of this day in Mexican culture.

And what’s a celebration without a parade, right? In every city and community across the nation, colorful and lively parades will take the streets by storm. These are not just any parades; they’re a vibrant display of Mexico’s rich culture and history. Expect to see lively music, traditional costumes, and a sense of community spirit that’s hard to miss. So, if you’re in Mexico on this day, make sure to step out and join the festivities. It’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the communal joy. Happy 113th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution!

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