Does Cabo Need One More Golf Course?

 Does Cabo Need One More Golf Course?

Tiger Woods at Diamante. Photo courtesy of Diamante

Big news coming your way from the sun-soaked shores near Cabo San Lucas. The Diamante development, just a breezy few minutes up the coast on the Pacific side, is gearing up to wow us with a brand new Tiger Woods-designed golf course. That’s right, Tiger’s leaving his mark yet again, and this time it’s set to be a stunner.

Diamante isn’t new to the golf scene though. They’ve got the “Dunes” course, a masterpiece by David Love III, and the original Woods-crafted gem, El Cardonal, right in their backyard. However, Ken Jowdy, the developer with the plan, has noticed a bit of a traffic jam. Seems the Dunes course has been pulling in a crowd of 230 players on days when they were only expecting 120. Talk about a full house!

And get this – Diamante was the star location for the Worldwide Technology Tournament just last weekend. With golfers coming from all corners to tee off, it’s clear as a sunny day on the back nine that another course isn’t just a want; it’s a downright need. So, stay tuned, folks. With another Woods creation on the horizon, the game’s about to get even more exciting!

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