Do Not Set Your Clocks Back Tonight!

 Do Not Set Your Clocks Back Tonight!

Guess what? We’ve officially broken up with Daylight Saving Time – yeah, no more springing forward or falling back for us. President AMLO decided it was time for a change last year, and honestly, it’s been kind of a relief.

But if you’re hanging out closer to the northern border, don’t ditch your watches just yet. Some of our neighbor towns are still on the clock-changing bandwagon. If you’re in Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, Rosarito, or Tecate over in Northern Baja, you’ll need to wind back that hour tonight.

And it’s not just a Northern Baja thing, either. The party timers in the border towns of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas are also going to have to cut their fiesta short by an hour. So, if you’re planning to celebrate late into the night in these spots, maybe sneak in a power nap to keep the energy up. For the rest of us in Baja California Sur, let’s enjoy that extra hour of dream time or night-time fun, no clock resetting required!

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