Boats Catch Fire in La Paz

 Boats Catch Fire in La Paz

The Optimus, which is usually just bobbing peacefully over at Marina Palmira, suddenly turned into a bonfire! Yeah, it got super intense, super fast, and the flames were so hungry they leapt over to six other boats nearby.

Now, here’s the real kicker—three of those boats are now toast, like literally charred down to nothing. The other four got off a bit easier, but they’re still looking pretty rough with a bunch of damage. It was a hot mess, to say the least.

The response was quick, though. The Navy, fire department heroes, and a fleet of ambulances zoomed in to handle the chaos. And get this—despite the drama, not a single person got hurt. How awesome is that?

Right now, there’s a bunch of head-scratching as investigators are digging into what sparked the whole fiery fiasco. Fingers crossed they figure it out soon. Stay safe and I’ll keep you posted with any updates!


  • Who cares about the biats at this pount. Perhaps the reporting should focus on the environmental damage from all the fuel. We just keep destroying

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