World Travelers Arrive in Southern Baja

 World Travelers Arrive in Southern Baja

Photos and info courtesy of Ron Gomez Hoff, Talk Baja

Karin and Oliver Gorny, the globetrotting duo from Germany, are in the midst of an epic multi-year adventure that’s taking them to every corner of the world. Their trusty companion on this journey is a beastly 6X6 rig, a modified MAN TGS Expedition vehicle that truly comes to life when you see it up close and personal. Believe me, it’s a whole lot more impressive in the flesh than it is in photos!

Speaking of photos, the one you’re looking at was snapped in the stunning locale of La Chorera, nestled in San Quintin, Northern Baja. The rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas of Baja California have left the Gornys in awe, and they’re not done exploring yet. Next on their itinerary is Southern Baja, with stops in the vibrant city of La Paz and the glitzy haven of Los Cabos. If you happen to cross paths with this adventurous couple on their journey, don’t hesitate to say hello and maybe share a travel tip or two! Safe travels, Karin and Oliver!


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