Tourist Tax Will Pay for Potabilization

 Tourist Tax Will Pay for Potabilization

Cabo San Lucas is about to get a splash of good news! Two neighborhoods in this sunny paradise are set to benefit from the construction of two brand new potabilization plants this year. That means fresher, cleaner water for both locals and tourists alike. The first plant is going to be strategically placed right in the center. So, if you’re hanging out in downtown Cabo, you can expect an extra flow of water to keep things running smoothly.

But what about the rest of Cabo? No worries there. The second plant will ensure that the rest of the piping system gets its fair share of water too. And here’s the best part: This awesome initiative has been made possible thanks to the tourist tax. So, a massive shout out to all the visitors who’ve made their way to Cabo. Thank you, dear tourists! Your contribution is literally bringing life to the city. Cheers to more refreshing moments in Cabo!

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