Thousands of Soldiers and Sailors Ready for Hurricane Help

 Thousands of Soldiers and Sailors Ready for Hurricane Help

We’ve just got a boost in our rescue efforts! An impressive squad of 850 military personnel has rolled into town. What’s their specialty, you ask? Search and rescue in flood zones. With their arrival, the tally of our rescue knights in shining armor – our soldiers and sailors in the Southern Baja state – is now a whopping 8,685! All prepped and ready to jump into action because of Hurricane Norma.

Here’s a sobering stat: We’ve got around 60,000 folks living in places that are, well, not exactly the safest right now. We’re talking about areas near arroyos and homes made of wood, tin, and even cardboard. With Norma making her presence felt, a lot of these folks might need to pack up and head to safer grounds. Good news is, hundreds will be evacuated and given a safe spot in shelters if things get dicey.

Remember, your safety’s paramount. Guard your homes, and let’s look out for each other!

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