Thousands of Baby Sea Turtles Released

 Thousands of Baby Sea Turtles Released

Isn’t it amazing what a little love and conservation effort can do for our adorable sea turtle friends in Los Cabos? Get this: the Los Cabos government has been hard at work, and they’ve got some fantastic news to share. Brace yourselves for the cuteness overload!

So, here’s the scoop: in the beautiful La Ribera area, nestled within the Costa Palmas tourist development, they’ve hit a record-breaking 824 sea turtle nests that they’ve carefully protected. Yep, you read that right – 824 nests! That’s like a sea turtle paradise right there. And it’s not just the nests; they’ve managed to save a whopping 84,000 precious sea turtle eggs from harm’s way. Talk about a turtle treasure trove!

The best part is that thousands of these baby sea turtles are now getting their first taste of freedom as they’re being released into the Los Cabos area. It’s like a turtle daycare, but way more exciting. And get this – compared to last year’s numbers of 41,467 eggs saved during the same period, it’s like the sea turtles have decided to double their love for each other and us.

We’ve got more baby sea turtles, more love, and more reasons to celebrate these incredible creatures. We love sea turtles, and it looks like they love each other too! Kudos to the folks in Los Cabos for their awesome conservation work, keeping our oceans full of turtle joy! 🐢💕

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