The Cruise Ships Are Baaack!

 The Cruise Ships Are Baaack!

Ah, cruise season! It’s always a treat to see those magnificent ships grace our shores. For a moment there, during the quiet months of August and September, one might’ve thought they’d decided to skip our lovely town altogether. But nope! They never truly left.

Today, it felt like our port was hosting a grand reunion. The Celebrity Eclipse, the Ruby Princess, and the Navigator of the Seas all docked, painting a picture of vibrant activity. Each of these giants brings with them a surge of energy, a plethora of excited tourists exploring our streets, shops, and eateries.

Local vendors especially felt the love. The sound of registers ringing and the cheerful chatter of shoppers filled the air. It’s a wonderful reminder of the mutual relationship between the cruisers and our town. So, to all the visitors and the ships that brought them, a big heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ We missed you, and we’re always thrilled to see you return.


  • Lets pray these boats stay out of lapaz

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