The Bisbee’s Black & Blue Winner

 The Bisbee’s Black & Blue Winner

Photo courtesy of Cabo Pulse

The 43rd Bisbee’s Black & Blue fishing tournament was nothing short of spectacular, ending in a grand victory for the Rocky Mountain Hookers who bagged a whopping $3.6 million prize! It’s like hitting the jackpot, but with fishing rods and a whole lot of skill.

Now, let’s talk about that winning Marlin. A massive 501-pounder! Just picture it: the sun barely up, the water calm, and bam – this huge fish takes the bait. The team managed to boat this beauty by 9:45 am on the second day, which is pretty impressive. It means that the Marlin bit almost as soon as their lines hit the water. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

It’s moments like these that make the Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournament so legendary. Anglers from all over come hoping for that big catch, but the Rocky Mountain Hookers really showed how it’s done this year. Their early bird catch just goes to show that sometimes, luck is just as important as skill in fishing. Wonder who’ll snag the big one next year!

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