Piercing and Tattoo Party Today!

 Piercing and Tattoo Party Today!

Hey there, party people! Get ready because the Halloween Pink Party is about to kick off today at the Cabo San Lucas Walmart parking lot, and it’s going to be a blast!

Starting at 2:00 pm, this shindig promises a wicked good time for everyone. Picture this: tattoo artists showcasing their skills, tunes that’ll make you groove, and a whole bunch of awesome stuff up for grabs. It’s a shopaholic’s dream come true!

But wait, there’s more! If you can’t make it today, fret not because there’s a second round of fun happening tomorrow at 12:00 noon. That’s right, a double dose of Halloween awesomeness!

The best part? It’s all free! Yep, you read that right—no entrance fee, so you can save your bucks for some killer Halloween treats. So, gather your ghoul gang and join the Halloween Pink Party for a spooktacular time you won’t forget. See you there!

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