Missing Aircraft Alert

 Missing Aircraft Alert

On Monday, a Piper PA-24-250 Comanche departed from Guaymas, Sonora, and things took an unexpected turn a couple of hours later when the La Paz airport control lost all contact with the aircraft. Panic ensued, and a search operation was immediately launched, with Navy personnel dispatched to aid in the search efforts.

The situation remained tense until yesterday at 3:00 pm, when some grim discoveries were made. Parts of the aircraft, along with luggage and personal belongings, were spotted floating on the water’s surface. The gravity of the situation became apparent, and it was confirmed that there was at least one fatality. However, the authorities have not yet released any names, leaving many anxious for updates.

Interestingly, it was revealed that the same aircraft had taken the same route on September 30, making its way to Tucson and Phoenix, only to return to Guaymas. The mystery surrounding this incident deepens as the search for answers and survivors continues.

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