Hurricane Norma Forces Bisbee’s to Change Dates

 Hurricane Norma Forces Bisbee’s to Change Dates

Well, folks, it looks like Hurricane Norma’s been hitting the gym because she just got upgraded to a Category 4! As of this morning, she’s packing a punch with sustained winds of a whopping 215 km/h. If you’re looking to pinpoint her location, she’s currently hanging out about 655 km southeast of Cabo San Lucas. Quite the distance, but she’s making her way.

In other news, the Los Cabos Offshore and the Black & Blue tournament are both scheduled for next week. And guess what? There’s a little twist this time around. Instead of the usual three days of fishing, they’ll only be going for two. Makes you wonder if Norma’s impending visit played a part in that decision, huh?

And speaking of Norma, she’s expected to sprinkle some of her wet magic over the southern tip of the Baja peninsula come Friday. By Sunday, she might mellow down a bit and pay a visit to Los Cabos as either a Category 1 or a tropical storm. So, for all you folks in the area, it might be a good time to batten down those hatches. Stay safe and dry out there!

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