Hurricane Norma Causes More Damage in La Paz

 Hurricane Norma Causes More Damage in La Paz

Several boats docked at the Cortez marina crashed against each other, others took in a lot of water due to swells and the heavy rain. The malecón got completely flooded as well as some streets in different areas, due to water overflooding the 68 arroyos that cross the city. The power company (CFE) reported that over 110,000 people were without power, which is slowly being restored as you read this. High swells are preventing two ferry boats from being able to dock. It will continue raining in Los Cabos and La Paz all day today. Stay safe.


  • Going down to La Paz in the next few days… how bad is the damage from Hurricane Norma? Sounds like no fishing is happening? Anything anyone can share on what the situation is.

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