Downtown Cabo San Lucas Closed Tonight

 Downtown Cabo San Lucas Closed Tonight

Tonight’s the night in downtown Cabo San Lucas! It’s like the whole town turns into this buzzing hub of Halloween excitement. Picture this: thousands of kids, all jazzed up in their Halloween costumes, roaming the streets with their parents. They’re all on the same mission – getting that sweet, sweet candy. It’s kind of like a swarm of cheerful locusts, but instead of destroying crops, they’re out for treats (or maybe a trick or two!).

The scene is set along the entire stretch of Marina Boulevard, from the stoplight right up to the Cultural Pavilion. It’s not just the kiddos either; hundreds of locals are getting in on the fun. They’re spilling out of bars and restaurants, armed with bags brimming with candy to hand out to the little ghosts and goblins.

By the time the clock strikes 9:00 pm, the crowd is MASSIVE. Seriously, it’s so packed that part of the boulevard just gives up and closes to vehicle traffic. It’s a sight to behold! If you’re into the whole Halloween vibe, with kids and adults alike decked out in their spooky best, you’ve got to come down and check it out. But hey, if that’s not your cup of tea, maybe it’s a good night to stay in and enjoy a quiet one. Either way, Cabo’s got something for everyone on Halloween night!


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    • We are having day of the Dead Dia de Morte here in Santa fe Nueve Mexico mais no y mananna . We will miss la fiesta en tu ciudad.

  • What happened in San Lucas last night? Looked like a very large police response, maybe 20+ police cars, sirens went on for over an hour. I hope everyone is ok!

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