Donated Firetruck Goes to La Ribera

 Donated Firetruck Goes to La Ribera

Saint Luke’s Hospital just did something pretty darn awesome. They donated a firetruck, yes, a whole firetruck, to the San Jose Fire Department. Now, you might be wondering what the big deal is, right? Well, hold on to your hats because there’s a twist to this story.

The San Jose Fire Department, in all its generosity, decided to pass the firetruck on to their sister organization over in La Ribera, on the East Cape. Why? Because, my friends, last June, the city government over there broke ground on a shiny new fire station. Talk about perfect timing, huh? So, to all the folks involved, big congrats are in order!

This is one of those heartwarming moments that remind us how communities can come together and support one another when it matters most. From Saint Luke’s Hospital to the San Jose Fire Department to the folks in La Ribera, it’s a beautiful chain of goodwill that’s going to make a real difference. So here’s to more acts of kindness and awesome collaborations in our communities!

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