Arrested Gringo’s Boat Sinks

 Arrested Gringo’s Boat Sinks

Last week, we brought you the eyebrow-raising story of Michael Wolf, the audacious “Gringo” who made headlines for firing pellet shots at unsuspecting folks from his sailboat, charmingly named the “Disperser,” while anchored in La Paz. Some said it was brazen, others just plain wacky, but everyone agreed: Michael was stirring the pot in a big way.

Fast forward to yesterday, and Mother Nature threw in her two cents. Hurricane Norma, with her swirling winds and furious might, decided to pay a visit to La Paz. And guess whose boat ended up flipped over, belly-up, at the mercy of the storm? Yup, that would be Michael’s “Disperser”. It seems the forces of nature had a bone to pick.

Is it karma doing its thing? Who’s to say? But one thing’s for sure, life on the high seas just got a little more interesting for our friend Michael.

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