49ers Out To Promote Los Cabos

 49ers Out To Promote Los Cabos

Hey everyone, exciting news coming your way from the world of sports and tourism! The Los Cabos Tourism Fund (FITURCA) and the awesome San Francisco 49ers have just inked a deal. This isn’t your ordinary sponsorship – it’s a game-changer, literally!

So, what’s the deal? Every time the 49ers play at their home turf in Santa Clara, CA, they’ll be showing some love to our amazing resort destination, Los Cabos. We’re talking flashy ads on the big screens and some seriously tempting deals to visit this slice of paradise. It’s a perfect blend of sports and leisure, if you ask me.

Mark your calendars, folks! The very first ad is set to roll out this Sunday, October 29, during the 49ers face-off against the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s going to be a spectacular game, and not just for football fans – travelers and adventure seekers, you’re in for a treat too. So, make sure your TV is all set to catch the action. This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between football and sunny getaways. Go 49ers, and viva Los Cabos!

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