Snake Alert! Snake Alert!

 Snake Alert! Snake Alert!

We hope that little tidbit caught your eye! So, here’s the lowdown: there’s been a bit of a snake situation going on. Yep, you heard that right. Folks living near empty lots in places like Los Cabos and La Paz have been getting some unexpected slithery visitors in their homes. And, of course, our friends in the rural areas aren’t spared either.

These sneaky snakes usually chill under rocks or amidst tree debris, but when the summer heat kicks in, they’re out and about, hunting for a snack. Now, before you panic, most of these Baja serpents are pretty harmless. But, and it’s a big but, watch out for those rattlesnakes – they’re the bad boys in the bunch. So, a word to the wise: stay alert, and if you happen to find one of these guests in your living room, dial 911 or give your local fire department a shout. Stay safe out there!

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