Number of Dry Riverbeds Increased

 Number of Dry Riverbeds Increased

The Civil Protection agency in La Paz has some news, and it’s a bit concerning. They’re reporting a whopping increase in the number of arroyos across the city, jumping from 23 to 68 in total. That’s almost a 200 percent increase! This definitely raises the danger levels in the populated areas where these arroyos are located.

Now, it’s true that La Paz isn’t exactly known for its heavy rainfall. It doesn’t rain much, but when it does, it really pours. And guess what? There are no rain gutters around here. So, you can imagine the kind of waterlogged chaos that can ensue when the skies open up.

This situation means that there’s going to be a need for some additional effort to protect both families and properties when the rain hits the city. It’s crucial to be prepared and take the necessary precautions to avoid any potential damage or harm. The increase in arroyos is a serious matter, and it’s essential for everyone to be aware and stay safe, especially when those rare but intense rainfalls occur.


  • It is a shame that the people are subjected to these environmental unsafe conditions. The government needs to be held accountable for keeping the infrastructure safe and inline with growth. Let’s raise the living sustainability to a level where the working people do not need to be subjected to these dangerous conditions.

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