New Pedestrian Bridges Coming

 New Pedestrian Bridges Coming

Mayor Oscar Leggs recently announced the construction of two new pedestrian bridges this year, aiming to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility. The first one is set to be located at Cerro Colorado, near the H+ Hospital. It’s a much-needed addition, considering the foot traffic in that area.

The second bridge is planned for Cabo San Lucas, by the Costco store. It seems Soriana supermarket is footing most of the bill for this one, as they’re opening a new store right next to Costco. It’s a smart move on their part, ensuring that shoppers can easily and safely access their new location.

While the new bridges are a welcome development, we can’t help but think about the inevitable traffic jams in these areas. It’s a bit of a ‘sigh’ moment, but hey, at least we’re getting some new infrastructure! The community will benefit from these bridges, making it easier for pedestrians to navigate busy areas, and hopefully, it’ll encourage more people to walk. Here’s to hoping the construction phase doesn’t cause too much disruption!

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