New Bridge Coming to La Ribera

 New Bridge Coming to La Ribera

Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs recently took a trip to La Ribera to see the finishing touches being put on this cool protective barrier made of sand and rocks. They’re calling it a “hump”, and it’s designed to keep rainwater flooding at bay.

While he was there, Leggs dropped some exciting news. There’s going to be a new bridge built over the arroyo between Santa Cruz and La Ribera. If you’ve ever tried to cross that area during a storm, you know it’s a no-go for vehicles. This bridge is going to be a game-changer, connecting the two communities and ensuring they’re no longer isolated during those heavy rainfalls.


  • This is such a much-needed improvement, thanks to everyone who fought for this improvement. I hope that this bridge doesn’t fall to the wayside like what is happening to the bridge in San Jose.

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