Government Improving Downtown Cabo

 Government Improving Downtown Cabo

During a recent follow-up meeting with the Empresarios de Los Cabos, the Los Cabos Entrepreneurs association, the City government provided encouraging updates on their ongoing efforts to enhance the city’s infrastructure and safety measures. The authorities highlighted a notable increase in police presence, aimed at ensuring the security of residents and visitors alike. In addition, the implementation of an improved garbage pick-up service has contributed to maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetics of the city.

The city’s proactive approach included addressing sewage piping issues caused by excessive sand accumulation after storms, leading to improved drainage and overall sanitation. Notably, local authorities have diligently worked to clear curbs of street vendors, enhancing pedestrian pathways and urban aesthetics.

Los Cabos, situated in Southern Baja State, boasts the lowest homicide rate in the region, making it a prime example of a secure and inviting destination. Visitors can take solace in the city’s commitment to safety while enjoying its scenic beauty and vibrant culture. So, why not plan a trip and experience the charm of this safe and remarkable city firsthand?

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